Oh, to be in Austin

It's SXSW right now in Austin, and while I am nowhere near hip enough to be interested in the various musical acts, I can certainly appreciate when food and burlesque come together:

Famous rock venue Emo's was packed Friday night for the show. Tables were set up near the entrance for a cupcake tasting. A dozen bakers had cooked up bizarre sweets with flavors like peanut butter, passion fruit and "Irish car bomb." Presentation was key -- cupcakes sprinkled with glitter and candies, cupcakes wrapped in metallic foil. One entry was served with a side of bacon.

Past the judges' table was the stage, where things got even hotter. Performers included Violet Voltage (as The Little Green Absinthe Fairy), and The Muffin Man and the Berry Girls, a threesome that performed a striptease to Frank Zappa's "The Muffin Man."
Sounds like a good time.

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