If you've ever wondered

just what pure, uncut wingnut really looks like, here's an example. It's got all the good stuff--an unhinged view of the opposition, a tenuous grasp on reality, you name it. It's oddly beautiful, like a Surrealist poem:

Democrats traditionally will go along to get along on things outside their pet issue. Pro-baby killers don’t have any interest in taxes (other than how much they can find to fund abortion), big government liberals aren’t that worried about gender issues, sexual deviates are happy to let others worry about foreign policy, Europhiles leave the gay issues to their compatriot Democrats, etc., etc. But they all understand that joining together benefits them all.
Warner Todd Huston's main point is to his fellow conservatives--most of whom, I venture to say, are not this insane. He's begging them to put aside basic differences and vote together, you know, the way Democrats do all the time.

The hilarious thing about this whole piece is that he seems to think that Democrats don't suffer from the same infighting that Republicans are going through right now. I don't know what Democratic party he saw from 1994-2006 (though if his description above is any indication, it probably looked a bit like The Lord of Darkness from Legend), but there wasn't a lot of cross-issue unity going on in there. That's because nothing divides like being out of power, and nothing unites like the promise of power. You can put aside a lot of differences if you think there's a chance to get something out of it. But when the near future seems hopeless, as it did for Democrats especially around 2002 and does currently for Republicans, then there's no point in trying to compromise with members of your own party. The general goal is always to get the upper hand, even if that's only the hand controlling the minority message.

Huston's got the right message buried in his otherwise insane polemic, though it's a bit ahead of its time right now. Many Republicans are looking at the 2010 map and know it's likely going to get even worse before it gets better, barring some spectacular events taking place, so now is the time to consolidate power in the party, and that means trying to cast out those who would compromise on your pet issues. You can welcome them back later when there's some vote-swapping to be done.

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