I'll admit it--Stephen Colbert's schtick of getting viewers to vote in polls to name stuff after him is wearing a little thin with me. It was a good joke the first few times, but it's gotten a little old in my view. Now, if he'd worked in a goal like a desire to be named after more stuff than Ronald Reagan, then yeah, I might still be interested, but on its own?

Anyway, the latest was the push to have his name put on a new module for the International Space Station. NASA, understandably, isn't all that excited about naming the entire module "Colbert," but it is apparently considering a compromise.

NASA may consider putting Stephen Colbert's name on a space toilet, after the comedian came out on top of the U.S. space agency's online naming poll for a new space module.
I love this idea, not because I want NASA to insult Colbert, but because it offers an opportunity for both sides to have some real fun with this. Colbert can gin this up into a firestorm of sorts and NASA can get some much-needed public play.

See, I'm a huge fan of NASA, and not just because it's good for segments of Florida's economy. I've been a fan of NASA since I was a kid and dreamed of being an astronaut. I still hope I'll have the chance to go into space before I die, though the space-liners I envisioned as an adolescent might not quite be in service by then. So anything that can get NASA and by extension, space travel, good press and excitement is a good thing in my book. I hope this turns into a bitter war between NASA and Colbert, with multiple appearances by NASA spokespeople and lots of stories like the one I linked to. Hell, if this keeps up, I might write in a vote for Colbert myself.

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