He's in on it too

I wonder how long it will take the "birthers"--people who continue to question President Obama's eligibility to hold his office--to work U.S. District Judge James Robertson into their grand conspiracy?

A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship, lambasting the case as a waste of the court's time and suggesting the plaintiff's attorney may have to compensate the president's lawyer.

In an argument popular on the Internet and taken seriously practically nowhere else, Obama's critics argue he is ineligible to be president because he is not a "natural-born citizen" as the Constitution requires.
This judge isn't screwing around--he not only tossed the case; he ordered the plaintiff's attorney to show why he shouldn't be tagged for the defendant's legal fees.

It's obvious that the judge is in on it and wants to hide the truth from the American people. /snark

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