So, you're a right-wing blogger who was once on top of the blog world, but you've seen your party get donkey-kicked in the last two elections, so badly that not only are you out of the White House, you're just shy of not being able to filibuster in the Senate and you're irrelevant in the House. It's no wonder you'd grasp at straws.

Scott Rasmussen has been tracking Obama's "approval index," which is the difference between those who "strongly approve" of his performance and those who "strongly disapprove." Today the approval index declined to + 8, the lowest level in Obama's brief tenure in office.

Overall, 58 percent approve of Obama's performance so far, while 40 percent disapprove. As we've said before, that's not bad, but it's nothing special for a newly-elected President. Jimmy Carter was more popular at this stage of his administration.
Okay, so we're talking about Rasmussen, a Republican pollster who has consistently given President Obama his lowest numbers since the inauguration, and who is way out of line with other pollsters. But you're really grasping when you're looking at this "approval index," it seems to me. It's basically a measure of how much the partisans like you, not of the population as a whole. People who aren't partisan aren't likely to strongly approve or disapprove of a President's job. They're more likely to fall in the middle ranges.

Personally, though, I look at the attitude Hinderaker has as a good thing, because I'm looking at the state the Republican party is in, and I know that they're not where the American people are right now, and that means that unless they're willing to really do some self-examination, they're not going to be in any shape to take back the House in 2010, much less challenge in 2012.

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