Women can be nerds too

So here's a funny little story about an exercise club in New York that offers light saber classes. (One presumes he's gotten Lucas's blessing on this, given how notoriously anal he is about protecting his intellectual property.) And it's being touted as a weight loss program as well, because it combines fencing and martial arts, which is also probably good.

But then there's this section:

Before you write this off as nothing more than the ultimate nerd-fest for boys, Flynn says that about one-third of the participants in New York groups are women.
Is the writer saying that the women who are taking part in this aren't nerds, that there's something inherent about womanhood that negates nerdiness? Because let me tell you, that's just not so.

I say this as a proud nerd, mind you. I'm not really a Star Wars nerd--I'm more a Trekkie type, and worse, a Voyager fan/DS9 disliker, which puts me in a really small sub-category of Trekkies. The fact that I can differentiate myself in such a way speaks to my nerd cred, I believe. And I know some women who can go toe-to-toe with me in these realms (Amy's one of them--sorry to out you like that, sweetie).

Nerdly women aren't even that unusual, to be quite frank about it. It's just that there's a societal expectation that nerds are supposed to be male (and socially pathetic, but that's another story) and we all know what happens when we try to bust down expectations--lazy people object, because it disrupts their way of seeing the universe.

So even though I'm not the kind of guy to join a health club (at all) that teaches how to fight with a light saber, I applaud those men and women who do so. Wear your nerd colors with pride, masculine or feminine.

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