Stranger Than Fiction

In sum:

  1. A human woman gave birth to 8 babies.
  2. All 8 were born normal and healthy.
  3. People were very upset at the fertility clinic that made this happen.
  4. People learned that woman already had 6 children, and so now has 14, and that she is a single mom who has created her whole brood from donated sperm -- people grew even more upset.
  5. People began to muse about whether she were white or non-white, and theorized that she would be hailed if white and condemned if non-white.
  6. People discovered she was white; theory proved incorrect.
  7. NBC finds a plastic surgeon willing to say that the mom-of-14 has had plastic surgery to better-resemble Angelina Jolie, who only has 6 kids (overshot the mark?)
  8. The woman with (now) 14 kids hired a publicist and began soliciting donations online.
  9. The publicist began receiving death threats, and both she and the mom-of-14 went into hiding.
  10. The publicist quit.

Now this is theater. What will happen next? I'm at the edge of my seat over here. Anything could happen. And this is only the first chapter. There are 14 more characters we've yet to get-to-know!

Just kidding, of course. Seriously, can people lay off this woman? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be her shopping buddy either, but death threats? All she did was make some dumb choices and have too many kids -- it happens all the time, and that usually doesn't inspire people to make death threats.
...they contacted the Los Angeles Police Department, and officers told them that the threats were the worst they had seen since the O.J. Simpson case, Killeen said.

"The American public have just lashed out," she said.
They have lashed out. But why? Well, I didn't get the OJ thing, and I don't get this either. But it's pretty baffling. The story itself is high drama. What I don't understand is why this woman is a target for hate instead of amusement or pity.

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