An Oral History of Kink

There's a piece up at the top of The Rumpus that part of a new series that Stephen Elliott is working on. He calls them "oral histories," and the piece up right now is from a porn performer who goes by the name Lorelei Lee. It's a fascinating piece, and a fairly no-holds barred look at the porn industry from the perspective of a performer. Here's a taste:

The first sex work I ever did I was 19. It was mostly photos of me stripping and fake masturbating. Then I made this recording pretending that I was talking about about the first time that I gave a blow job or something. The guy who did that shoot now owns Naughty America. It’s a huge porn company and they have like twelve websites. I was 19 and he was 18 and just starting. Now he has a million dollars and I don’t.

Then I moved to San Francisco. I worked in a coffee shop for two years, quit, and started posing naked for anyone who would hire me.
Go read it all.

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