A New Olympic Sport?

Because when I saw this, I assumed that "triple-hopped" was a version of the triple jump. Alas, no. It's Miller Lite's latest ad campaign, an attempt to convince ML drinkers that they're not drinking a bland, inoffensive macro-brew with all the soul of a Backstreet Boys tribute band. I'll let Slashfood take it from here.

I've created a new ad campaign for Miller Lite. It will be their best, most honest yet: Miller Lite is Miller Lite. If you don't know what Miller Lite tastes like, go drink one! They're easy to find. On the flip side, if you regularly drink Miller Lite (or brew Miller Lite), don't be ashamed of it. Everyone who has ever grabbed an ML knew exactly what he or she was getting. And that's fine, it's a matter of personal taste and preference. But don't try to re-frame Miller Lite as something fancy or finely crafted. When I eat Kraft Mac & Cheese, I do it because I'm jonesing for some Kraft flavored mac or trying to save a little cash, not because I'm going to delude myself into pretending its smothered with gruyere and parmigiana reggiano.
I'll give the Miller people this much--at least they acknowledge the fact that beer is supposed to taste like hops, as opposed to the people at Coors, who argue that their light beer is supposed to taste like cold.

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