More Gov't Jobs

I'm actually starting to get offended by the rhetoric about how we need private-sector, not public-sector, jobs from whatever stimulus plan we hatch.

First of all, jobs are jobs and we need them, so let's get them all "stimulated" and into action. But secondly, can I just say that the only people I know who are secure in their jobs are people with government jobs? My friends, family, and students working for private companies or for themselves are getting hosed. Those of us working for the county, state, and country are relatively secure.

So why would private sector jobs be, in these uncertain times, preferable to public sector ones?

And when public money is funneled into the private sector, a certain percentage of that money ends up as "profit" -- it doesn't go to salaries or healthcare or materials or facilities or maintenance or utilities or NUTHIN. It goes to "profit": some "faux capitalists" (who invested no capital, took no risk) just suck it up for sitting on their behinds doing nothing.

Now I'm all for capitalism: people with money should RISK it on well-considered investments, pursue profit and innovation, growth and industry -- fantastic. But when they fail, they need to actually lose; the game can't be rigged against failure. And if they don't actually invest their own money, if they get taxpayer money and then just "preside" over it, they should be paid a salary as a manager and no "profit" should be had.

Which means the whole thing should be public-sector, and the white-collar faux capitalist should go get a good job exercising his skills (assuming he has any, assuming he is not one of the many responsible for the fix we're in) behind the pressboard desk of your basic bureaucrat. Why should con-men and gamblers be treated like CEOs and entrepreneurs? Why should middle-managers be treated like capitalists? 

Why don't the taxpayers just keep our money where we can see it, perhaps? 

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