I want to do this

Seriously. Maybe this has been going on in publishing for a while now and I've just missed it, but this is cool. It's a chapbook of poetry by Matthew Hittinger, a poet who currently lives in New York, and who I was on a panel with at AWP some years ago in Austin.

Here's the thing--and you really have to click on the link to get a feel for this, because I can't find a way to embed it here without breaking the page and my description is going to be crappy--it gives everything but the tactile sensation of a book, complete with layout and animated page turning, and you also get the poet reading (in this case) his work for you. And the aural experience of poetry is a big deal for me--word sound and enunciation and pauses can really make a poem come alive in a way that simply seeing it on the page might lack. (Mind you, there are some readers who make you long for the printed version--there's a lot of performance involved in reading poetry.) And Matthew, at least in what I've listened to thus far, does a solid job of reading his work.

The poems are pretty good too. Check it out. Oh, and if you like the book and want that tactile experience, you can buy it too.

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