A week ago, I wrote about the upcoming Fort Lauderdale mayor's race, and how a recommendation by current mayor Jim Naugle had caused me to remove at least one, and possibly two people from consideration for me. Well, the maybe on that list just clarified my position.

The four candidates for mayor were asked at a recent Rio Vista candidate-vetting meeting to give their stance on the issue. Jack Seiler told the crowd, which included Naugle, that he was surprised the question was asked, because they should be talking about the future, not the past. He said Naugle's comments "might have been" misstated or taken out of context. Then, in summary, he says, "I think a lot of this was taken out of context."
I understand why Seiler is trying to give Naugle the benefit of the doubt, even though Naugle undercut him by shaking his head "no" when Seiler suggested he might want to have some of those comments back. But it doesn't matter to me, not when there are other, better candidates out there. Here's one--Dean Trantalis is the first guy in the video, and notice how he answered the question about divisions in the community.

You notice how he didn't just leave it at "straight versus gay"? He also pointed out how African-Americans often feel separated from the city government, and how that's a real problem for a city as diverse as this one is. He acknowledges that it's not enough to acknowledges the problems of only one minority group, but that everyone needs to have their needs considered and addressed. That's the kind of person I'm looking for as the next Mayor.

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