Fair Districts Florida

The ACLU of Florida has teamed up with Fair Districts Florida to try to reduce gerrymandering on both the state and federal level. There are two petitions available for download and signing. I'm signing both and I encourage everyone to do the same.

A couple of things--this is for Florida registered voters only, so don't fill them out if you don't qualify. Secondly, it's not enough just for individuals to sign. We have to get others to sign. Ask your friends and family and get them to sign both. If you can, do some canvassing, and if you have a blog or are a regular commenter elsewhere, spread the word. Link the pdf. Get people to sign.

Look, Florida voted pretty solidly for Obama last November, but we made almost no gains in either the Florida legislature or in the Congressional delegation, and that's due, in part, to gerrymandering. And frankly, there are times when the Congresspeople we have representing us aren't really concerned about the desires of their constituents, because they're in safe seats. If we make them work for it a little, they might listen to us a bit more.

There's really no downside, as far as I'm concerned. And this is the time to do it--the census is in 2010, and that's when redistricting generally occurs. Let's make the state make it fair.

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