If Mike Lazaridis were an American, I think he'd be Barack Obama's best friend, because Obama may have done him the biggest solid doable by fighting for his PDA. You might not know who Lazaridis is--I didn't until I started googling for this blog post--but I bet you know what brand of PDA President Obama uses and can't live without, don't you?

The president has been adamant about continuing to use a BlackBerry, which has Internet and e-mail access, despite concerns that likely have made the National Security Agency as nervous as the Secret Service on Inauguration Day when Obama left his presidential limo twice to walk and wave to crowds along Pennsylvania Avenue.
When the most adored politician in a generation demands to keep using your product, you're in a position most other companies would kill for. The temptation to mention it in ads must be overwhelming--risky, but tempting as hell. If you're trying to lure people into the smartphone market, noting that the very popular new President likes your brand might not be a bad thing to play up.

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