Where we've been

The blog's been pretty slow for the last week because Amy and I were out of town. We were in San Francisco for the MLA. More accurately, we were in San Francisco so Amy could interview for a job at the MLA. Neither of us actually attended the conference. Instead, we went to places like this.

And we saw stuff like this:

although only from a distance. We toured Alcatraz when we lived there, and once is enough. It's cool and all, but it really is something you can do in one visit.

We did other things of course. Amy had her first cable car ride, and we stopped off to see Lombard Street--the sort of touristy things you don't always take the time to do when you live in a city. We also got to visit with some dear friends we don't get to see very often, and we got to meet some new ones. And I had the odd experience of meeting some people I heretofore only knew through Facebook in real life, which was a bit of fun. All in all, a good visit. And now, back to real life, which includes prepping like a madman for the coming semester.

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