Jeb! isn't running for Senate in 2010, and I'm really glad to hear it. Of course, it's early yet, and though the amount of money any statewide candidate is Florida requires is formidable, I feel pretty sure that Jeb! could raise what he needed without a whole lot of trouble, and his name recognition would give him a huge boost, even in a state that went for Obama in 2008. Florida Democrats are doing better on the federal level as far as the House is concerned, but we don't have a deep bench when it comes to statewide politicians. Alex Sink is, I believe, the only statewide elected Democrat, and while she's already said no once, she's apparently reconsidering. Jeb! leaving the race might convince her a bit more.

So 2010 is shaping up to be an interesting year in Florida politics. Time to see if we can build on 2008.

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