Shorter Donald Douglas

"Why yes, I am a racist, but I don't like the social stigma that goes along with it, so I twist myself into a rhetorical pretzel to argue I'm not."

Okay, so that's not really short, but trust me, it's shorter than what he actually wrote. Douglas, the "pro-victory" blogger who runs the American Power blog (and who has some odd fascination with me even though I'm lucky if I get a third the traffic he does), has taken me to task for the post just below this one, in which I argue that racial profiling is both racist and ineffective. He thinks it's a good way to police, and doesn't like the intimation that just because he finds brown people threatening, he's somehow a racist. Or something--it's a bit incoherent in places.

But Donald, if you want a post that breaks with "the orthodoxy of the angry demonic partisanship of the netroots," I suggest you click here, or you know, just scroll down. I mean, unless you think that kitty cats are somehow tools of the neo-Stalinist left. It wouldn't surprise me if you do.

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