Save the date

A former student of mine is putting together a counter-protest/public mocking of sorts on Friday the 16th in Oakland Park, very informal, but for a good cause. See, that night, the Rising Action Theater is putting on a production of "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told," a send up of the Biblical creation story starring Adam and Steve, and it's apparently drawing some visitors.

Fred Phelps and Family.

Oh yeah, the mouth-breathers from Topeka will apparently be in Oakland Park to "picket this bit of profane blasphemy to tell you again: God Still Hates Fags; No Fags In Heaven; You're Going To Hell; God Hates You.” I feel the love washing all over me.

Anyway, if you're a local and you don't have plans for a week from tomorrow, come on out to Oakland Park and point at the freaks. I'm going to try to make it and take a few pictures, perhaps even some video.

Just a couple of words of caution. If you go, you have to do it in the spirit of mockery. You can't show up if you're actually going to let Phelps' brand of hatred get to you and cause you to potentially do something rash that could result in you going to jail and being sued by the Phelps clan. In other words, no violence. Keep it civil, and whether or not you're a believer, show Christian charity to those who make a mockery of it.

I'll repost this or some version of it next week as the day gets nearer.

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