Is it still plagiarism

if the story really sucks?

Walsch had written about what he described as his son's holiday concert two decades ago in which children were to hold up letters spelling “Christmas Love.” One of the children held the "m" upside down, so the audience got the message “Christwas Love,” according to the retelling.
Couldn't really pass up the opportunity for snark there. The answer to the question is yes, regardless of whether you believe Walsch's story about internalizing the story he'd heard in the past or Cathy Chand's claim that Walsch had simply cut and pasted her story after getting rid of the introduction--the only matter is one of intent--and if Walsch really did consciously rip Chand off, the chances that he only plagiarized that one time are slim. I suspect people who care deeply (unlike me) will be poring over Walsch's work trying to discover if he has a history of this sort of thing.

But seriously--getting exercised over who owns that story? Jeez.

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