Is it really almost here?

Way back in November--in the long long ago, in the before time--Amy changed the tag line for this blog to what it is currently. "We are full of win: 1.20.09" And we've been marking days on our calendars furiously ever since, waiting for tomorrow to come, waiting to actually, finally, cleanse ourselves of the 2000 election, waiting to enter the 21 century with minds looking toward the future instead of back toward some nostalgic past that never really existed. And we have a hell of a symbol to lead us into it.

It's easy to fall into the trap of overblown rhetoric when talking about what we expect of the first Obama administration. Obama's election signals an important turning point in race relations in this country (though we're far from post-racial--whatever that means), as well as a turning away from economic deregulation and the notion that big government is necessarily bad government. But even the most pie-eyed optimist won't suggest that Obama is superhuman, able to leap obstinate Congresses in a single bound. He will disappoint--hell, he has already disappointed some people with his choices for the inauguration or his Cabinet--but he'll disappoint on something larger, and more personal to every one of us eventually. That's the nature of the job.

But today, and for the next couple of days, as we soak in this moment--today the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and his dream followed by tomorrow as the next step in that dream (because make no mistake, the dream has not been realized yet)--just focus on where we're going. We're really in the 21st century now, if we allow ourselves to be.

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