Inaugural thoughts

I dressed in blue today--royal shirt, navy pants, with my Florida for Obama t-shirt underneath. I know--red states, blue states, United States--but this is the first time I've ever voted for the winner, and I'm going to revel in it a bit.

Any worries I had about Rick Warren were shuffled away when I realized that he couldn't be anything other than what he is--a pompous gasbag who can't help but crap all over anyone who doesn't subscribe to his limited view of God and Christianity.

How long will it be before someone files a suit saying that Barack Obama isn't actually President because of the mix-up during the oath? And since President Obama hadn't been sworn in until a few minutes after noon, does that mean that Joe Biden was the acting-President for about fifteen minutes?

That Obama guy sure knows how to deliver a speech, doesn't he? And I very much appreciated the shoutout to the nonbelievers, alongside the Muslims and Jews and other non-Christian types.

I didn't have access to a good tv, so I tried watching everything online. Hulu had the best feed, which it got from Fox News. I wonder why their intertubes weren't clogged up as bad as the others?

To the Fox guy: talking over Elizabeth Alexander--not cool. I wound up scrambling to another office where a colleague had a 3.5 inch black and white with an antenna, so we huddled around it, peered through the static and got most of our inaugural poem on. When video becomes available, I'll have it here, but I liked it, based on my first impression.

The real reason I'm not worried about Rick Warren's appearance? Reverend Lowery, who made Warren look petty by comparison. I found myself saying Amen at the end of his benediction. That's some good crazy, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, go to Youtube and use Lowery and "good crazy" as search terms. He's a good man, that Reverend Lowery.

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