I guess there must be a move in the state legislature to shut down what few nude beaches there are in Florida, because an advocate for their continued existence made a positive case for them to Broward County legislators Thursday.

He said the closest one to Broward, Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County, is an economic engine, drawing tourists from other states and countries to a place where they can enjoy a beach without the encumbrance of clothing. Twenty-seven percent of Haulover visitors come from outside Florida, Mason said.

Mason termed Haulover "the most successful beach in the state of Florida." He said it outdraws the Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins combined — a comment that drew titters from the crowd.
Okay, so outdrawing the Marlins isn't that big a deal--I think there are college productions of The Cherry Orchard that outdraw the Marlins, and I mean for the season, not just for a single game. But still, that's money, which is in short supply these days, in case the legislature hadn't noticed, and anything that can get people to spend is at least worth considering.

I'd like to point out that I fought the urge to go juvenile in this blog post fairly successfully, and believe me, it was difficult.

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