How to narrow the field

Here's the problem with deciding who to vote for in the upcoming Fort Lauderdale mayoral election--there's a lot of people running and not much press on the subject. But--and this is important--there has been an important in the development that will help winnow at least one, and perhaps two people from the field. Jim Naugle has made a couple of endorsements.

Now, Jim Naugle, as you may remember, is the guy who stirred up the debate on this blog over whether crupid or stubatshit was a better adjective to describe him, and who also inspired the attempt to do to Naugle what Dan Savage did to Rick Santorum's name. That didn't work out so well, as I recall. The crux of this is that Naugle is a douchebag of monumental proportions who has been term-limited out, and who has made an endorsement or two in the upcoming Mayoral race.

Which means that at least one, and perhaps two people have been culled from the race as far as I'm concerned, because no way will I vote for a person Naugle likes. Romney Rogers? No way.

Rogers sought Naugle's endorsement.

"I think the comments he has made have been divisive comments, but at the same time he speaks his mind," he said. "We certainly want to be sure everybody has their free-speech rights."
Rogers is absolutely right--Naugle has the right to say whatever he wants. And we as voters have the right to electorally punish people who say things that offend us.

I haven't ruled out Seiler completely yet--he's distancing himself a little from Naugle, which means that he understands the problem at least. That's not stopping Dean Trantalis from taking a shot at him, though.
"Apparently they see eye to eye," said former City Commissioner Dean Trantalis, a mayoral candidate, speaking of Seiler and Naugle.
Well, that's certainly the case for Rogers. Now, for the rest of the field.

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