Hope and Peace

I haven't written much about the Israel-Gaza situation other than to say that it's an effed-up mess with no good guys except for the people caught in the middle of it all. These are some of those good guys. I heard about them on NPR a few days ago and ran across their blog today, and I immediately wanted to write this post. I can't say what's going on in Gaza and Sderot because anything I read or see will be second or third hand at best, filtered through the lenses of reporters and media groups with various agendas, intentional or otherwise. These are two people who are there in the midst of the ugliness, who desperately want a long term solution, and they're getting precious little attention.

I'm just a guy with a laptop living in south Florida. I get a couple hundred hits on a good day. But if I can amplify their voices even a little, and help get out the message that there's more to this horrible situation than the people who point fingers at one side or the other, who consider the other as less than human and deserving of pain and suffering, then this little blog will mean something.

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