Via Pandagon, here's a list I wouldn't mind making next year. Seriously, if this stuff is considered persecuting Christians, then the group that put together this list is the biggest bunch of whiny-ass children on the planet.

Most of my fellow bloggers have been pointing to number 3 as proof of the insanity of this group--Barack Obama isn't really a Christian, so his claim that he is constitutes persecution (and no, I'm not making that up)--but my personal favorite is the special bonus addition, Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, that hotbed of atheism. Why?

Bonus – Sen. Grassley's abuse of power U.S. Sen. Grassley, a member of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, has demanded the financial records of a number of very prominent conservative, evangelical broadcast ministries. The demand was based on Grassley's concern that these ministries are not spending their contributions properly. Grassley has admitted his concerns were in part driven by media accounts.
Senator Grassley had the audacity to enquire as to the spending habits of televangelists--private jets and Hawaiian vacations are what Jesus told us to aspire to, after all. How dare Grassley question these people suffering in the Lord's work?

Obviously, the CADC (Christian Anti-Defamation Commission--not making that up either) represents a tiny portion of people who indentify as Christian in this country--after all, they just called out every Christian who voted for President-elect Obama as either an apostate or an idiot, and last I checked, lots of Christians voted for the guy. And they're under some sort of delusion that they're actually being persecuted in this country. I mean, that's weak sauce comparing PZ Myers' cracker incident with, oh, being fed to the lions in the Roman Coliseum, or Prop 8 the Musical to being burned at the stake for refusing accept the Trinity. They have to take their suffering where it comes, especially since they hold (their protestations to the contrary) pretty much every position of political power in the nation, at least at the federal level, except for those few positions held by practicing Jews, and the two Muslims in the House of Representatives. Must be tough. Hope Jesus will see them through it.

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