Happy New Year!

One of my blogging resolutions is to point out blogs I don't think get enough attention--other than my own, of course--so what better time to start than the first day of the new year? Here's a list of five from the blogroll, and in some cases, these are blogs I don't go to enough myself, so this post can act as a spur for me too.

Alterdestiny always has something interesting to read, and they cover a really wide range of topics as well. They also have a resident troll--a "historian" who's every bit as annoying and long-winded as our objectivist was a while back.

Beautiful Futility is a new blog started by KevDog, a guy I've chatted with over at Ta-Nehisi Coates' site and Balloon Juice. He's still trying to give his blog an identity--something I still struggle with here after five years--but he's a good writer and engaging with his readers.

Elle PhD is one of the best small blogs out there. Elle and her fellow bloggers talk about racism and sexism in very immediate, personal and powerful ways.

Rate Your Students is biting, sarcastic, and occasionally uncomfortable to read if you're an academic. It's also quickly becoming a daily stop for me.

The Rumpus is a new internet magazine, sort of a pop-culture themed Huffington Post, and I'll be doing some (very) occasional writing for them. They're also in the early stages, so it'll be interesting to watch them grow.

Finally, I'd like to thank the big blogs that helped Incertus grow in readership last year. Thanks to links from places like (in no particular order) Shakesville, Balloon Juice, Pandagon, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Crooks & Liars, we passed all sorts of arbitrary benchmarks. Here's hoping for continued growth in the new year.

And please, feel free to leave links to your favorite blogs--or your own blog, for that matter--in the comments.

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