Good News

There's a lot of crap going on in the world, but some mornings you wake up and happen upon a string of "good" news. Every one of these "good" stories is tied to a massive injustice, but history tells us that injustice is usually compounded by further injustice. These are glimmers of light:

1. Oscar Grant's murderer has finally been arrested. According to Democracy Now!, this is the first time a California police officer has been arrested and accused of murder for an on-duty killing -- and citizens with cell phone cameras have everything to do with that. It took them too long to get around to this arrest, but we should be grateful it happened. Grateful to the guy with the cell phone video, btw.

2. The government of Greece is not allowing a shipment of arms from the United States to Israel to pass through their country. Israel is blocking and attacking boatloads of food and medical equipment trying to get to the Gaza strip. Israel is bombing warehouses of food and medical equipment -- right now, in Gaza, they burn. Israel has used its superior US-SUPPLIED weapons to kill (as of this writing) over 1000 civilians, while suffering only 3 civilian deaths of their own (plus 6 soldiers killed in combat, plus 4 killed by "friendly fire"). It is a small gesture, from Greece, to refuse to be a part of this, and the weapons will still get to Israel, and will still be used to murder innocent people -- but Greece has done something to slow them down a little, and made a statement as well, and that's important. 

3. The douche who thought he was smart enough to dodge his responsibilities by faking his own death not only failed and was caught, but is now, thanks to Jon Stewart, known far and wide as a great big moron. 

So that's the upside for the day: there's still f-ed up stuff going on all around the world, but justice is also rearing its head, which is as much as we can possibly hope for, I suppose.

Happy Day. :-)

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