Good for him

I heard about Myron Rolle during the college football season when the NCAA made an exception for him when he was interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship. It's pretty unusual for anyone to be a Rhodes Scholar, but especially for a college football player. That's not a knock on football players--I know the jokes, and I've told a few--it's that part of the challenge of being a football player is that you have to juggle crazy demands on your time. Even smart students have issues, and when you're a star like Rolle is, the temptation to slack on your classes is overwhelming.

But Rolle not only succeeded at juggling those responsibilities, he excelled.

He graduated in 2 1/2 years with a degree in exercise science and is pursuing a master's in public administration, Florida State said when it announced in November that he was among the 32 scholarship winners. He will work on a master's degree in medical anthropology there.
That's impressive, no matter how you look at it. But he's going a step further by forgoing his entry into the NFL to honor his scholarship. He's projected as a low first or high second round pick, which means he'd probably go in with close to seven figures in guaranteed money. That's valuing your education, and I applaud anyone who does that. Good work, Mr. Rolle.

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