Heather Havrilesky on Salon has just published a TV review that she seems to believe will earn her pariah status: she points out that the Battlestar Galactica emperor has been quite naked for some time now.

{Spoilers coming.}

To this I can only reply: thanks for noticing! The evidence has been very in for very long that BSG had jumped the cylon-space-shark-that-looks-like-a-real-shark. The previous half-season was about as bad as anything I've ever forced myself to sit through, and the first episode of the final run seemed to be hitting me in the face with a hammer labeled "now that we don't believe in the prophesy and have Earth to look forward to, we're going to degenerate into sub-human, murderous, suicidal beasts -- because, you know, if you don't have religion..."

That said, the first ep of the final run was well-paced, mostly well-written, and I can forgive them for sending Dee into a nuclear holocaust wearing so much lipgloss that it sparkled through even the intense blue-gray mute filter they used for all the Earth-bound scenes. The new wrinkle where the "final five" all died in a nuke attack on Earth 2000 years ago def'ly creates some new suspense (hopefully this time they won't squander it), as does the "two Starbucks" question.

As I said in my previous "complaints" (linked above, one of which features a deduction that, with Ellen Tigh as the final cylon, came right), I am watching this thing to the end. The mini-series and the first 2 seasons (and Razor) were all fantastic, and there's a half-chance that this last half-season might get its groove back. But to pretend that season 3 and the first half of season 4 were anything but half-assed self-important schlock is to lie to oneself and the world. So kudos to Havrilesky for noticing, and for being willing to point it out (in the face of an army of mindless bsg-drones who keep chanting "smartest show on television" as though saying it will make it once again true).

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