Being on top

It's an interesting time to be a Democrat, because for the first time in a generation, it means being part of the party that's not only in charge, but is also on the rise. We've got the excitement thing going, which is really an odd feeling for me. The first time I voted--and I was neither a liberal nor a Democrat at the time--was 1996, and I only really became involved in politics in the last 8 years, so it's an odd feeling to see right-wingers like Michelle Malkin or the goofballs at RedState freaking out over how their Senators are "caving" on Cabinet appointments. It's odd in the sense that I can feel for them, even though we have so little in common otherwise.

My general response to them is a Friedman-esque "suck on this," since they were so gleeful at our angst when our Senators voted yes on things like the Military Commissions Act--I haven't forgotten that, Bill Nelson, and I will support anyone who primaries you--or to confirm people like Alberto Gonzales. I get a big case of "how does it feel now?" going, because that pain is so fresh in my mind.

This is usually the time in my blog post where I would get introspective and comment on the shared humanity of us all, but I don't think I'm going to do that today. It's a little early for that, especially when these are the types of people who consider themselves the future of the Republican party.

Liberals have their Ted Kennedys and Nancy Pelosis that do no compromising. They have their “Baghdad” Jim McDermotts that cavort across the globe advocating for murderers and tyrants the world over. They’ve had their presidential candidates “reporting for duty” that have in the past been key members of committees advocating for putting our own soldiers in jail and indicting Americans for faux war crimes. For that matter, the left even has an actual ex-president that runs to the support of every tin-pot dictator in the world pretending at being a diplomat.

The left is unapologetic for its support of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, the biggest mass murderers in history. They are resolved to turn our foreign policy over to foreign bodies like the UN. The left is four square against freedom of religion and keen to remove uncounted numbers of our Constitutional rights from us. They hate capitalism, property rights and are against open debate in our schools… yet they say so proudly and their politicians cultivate voting records that reflect those beliefs.

There’s no “compromise” there. The left knows that politics ain’t beanball.
Yeah, it's going to take a few more rhetorical kicks to the junk before these people start seeing anything close to reality. Come on--Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot? Liberal hate capitalism, but we're doing everything we can to save it from itself. We hate religion, even though the majority of the people in our party are religious.

But this is the best--liberals never compromise. What? Do you know what's been happening to this stimulus bill? Do you know what got taken out of it yesterday, even though Democrats have sufficient majorities to push through whatever they want?

So it's going to be interesting for the next couple of years. See, unlike the Republicans who actually bought into the notion of the permanent majority, I know that my party will fall out of favor eventually, and it might even fall out of favor with me. I'm prepared for it. But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy watching the RedStaters and Malkins of the world gnash their teeth and rip their hair out because their representatives aren't as hardcore as they'd like them to be.

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