Say hello to Gracie

Gracie is the latest kitten to be adopted into the extended family. Amy's parents have lost two cats to old age in the last couple of years, and the one who was left was moping around all lonely, so we got Gracie today.

This is video of her from last night when she was still at the Petsmart--she's a shelter kitten, housed there by the Humane Society, not one from a breeding farm--but we picked her up today and she proceeded to destroy the first toy we bought for her, and she licked what felt like a layer of skin off my right arm, all while trying to climb the ladder onto the top bunk of the room she's staying in for the next ten days. She purrs like she has an engine in her chest and will climb absolutely anything. She's the friendliest kitten I've ever seen.

Oscar, the older cat, has no idea what he's in for, though seeing as he's turned into a black hole of catdom, having someone to aggravate him into motion will probably do him some good.

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