Amy mentioned the worker sit-in at Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago earlier this week, and I noted how President-elect Barack Obama had openly supported them. Well, apparently it had an effect. The workers are still out of a job, but they are getting what they're owed.

Republic Windows & Doors, union leaders and Bank of America reached the deal Wednesday evening. Each former Republic employee will get eight weeks' salary, all accrued vacation pay and two months' paid health care, said U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who helped broker the deal. He said it works out to about $7,000 apiece.

"We lost the jobs but we got something," said Lalo Munoz, who worked at the plant for 24 years.
Here's hoping that that the workers there will be able to move into new jobs in tough economic times. But the lesson to take away from this, I think, is that organization can yield positive results. We don't just have to sit back and take it when the bosses make a decision. It's time for a labor comeback.

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