Quick football question

To Miami Dolphin fans--what gave you the most glee yesterday?

1. The Dolphins completing their worst to first act

2. That they did it against the Jets

2a. That they did it against the Jets at the Meadowlands

3. That they did it with the Jets' former quarterback

4. That the Jets head coach lost his job today over their late season collapse

After all that rivalry goodness wrapped up in one big weekend, does it really matter how the Fins do next week? I mean, sure, you want them to win, but I'd have to say that by any measure, whether from the team's rebound to the joy of jamming it in the faces of the huge number of obnoxious local Jets fan transplants that inhabit south Florida, this season has already been successful beyond anyone's imagination. That a Fin win kicked the Patriots out of the playoffs was just sauce for the goose.

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