When the top story at Memeorandum is everybody and their grandfather talking about how wonderful or horrible or in between the announcement of Hillary Clinon as Secretary of State is (like that hasn't been covered for the last week) and the second story is Michelle Malkin bleating about how dangerous CNN is as a news organization, as compared to the the brave and responsible Fox News, then you know it's liable to be a long day.

Malkin is screeching because one couple claims that CNN broadcast their location during the Mumbai attacks. CNN denies it, and notes that they had employees inside the Taj Hotel at the time and were very careful about what they broadcast because of that. I didn't watch CNN's coverage, so I can't say, but I'll bet you even money that Malkin didn't either. She's taking part of this one story at face value and using it as the latest excuse to continue in her role as Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage.

By the way, the one case that jumps immediately to mind when talking about reporters broadcasting information that could have potentially been used against people in danger involved Fox News. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

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