Is that all you've got?

Via John Cole, it seems that Newsmax, casting about desperately for something else to beat the President-elect with, has settled on, of all things, his choice for inaugural poet.

Obama has been touted as among the most literary presidents in modern history, but his choice for an inaugural poet has some scratching their heads.

Acting more like a man of politics than a man of letters, Obama picked former Chicago neighbor and family chum Elizabeth Alexander to deliver an original inaugural poem next month. Alexander, 46, is an African-American studies professor at Yale. Her brother worked on Obama’s campaign and transition team, according to the New Yorker magazine.
Okay, there's a limited set to pull from here, but it seems to me that of the three previous inaugural poets, you can make a good case that two of them were political choices. Angelou replaced Williams in 1992--I only know this because I studied under Williams at the University of Arkansas--and even if choosing a woman of color wasn't a political choice, the poem she wrote was decidedly a political one. As for Frost, again, even if his choice wasn't a political one, the poem certainly was a political one (though of a politics not shared by a number of poets today, I'd imagine). Williams got his chance in 1996, and he'd been close with the Clintons when they were Law Professors at the U of A.

So assuming Alexander is a political pick--and given their past relationship, that's certainly not a given--the question remains, so what? It's the inauguration--it's kind of a political event--and it's not like there hasn't been a long history of poets thrusting their politics out there for all to read and hear.

One other thing: the poem Newsmax "excerpted," titled "Neonatology," is available here. I doubt it's the sort of thing Alexander will use as a template for the poem she'll read on January 20.

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