Let's just make it plain--if you're working class economically, Republicans hate you. They'll let your industries fail without a second thought, all because they want to break unions.

The group came close to agreement, but it stalled over the UAW's refusal to agree to wage cuts before their current contract expires in 2011. Republicans, in turn, balked at giving the automakers federal aid.
That's the meat of any future discussion of the bailout--it's Republicans versus the UAW, and to hell with anyone else caught in the crossfire. And make no mistake, if the US auto industry fails, then we'll have another Great Depression on our hands, because we'll lose not just the auto industry jobs and those directly related to them--parts suppliers, auto dealers, auto finance people, etc.--but we'll lose lots of jobs in the communities affected by those job losses. We're talking a cascade effect of massive proportions, and it'll batter an already reeling housing market as well, because people who are out of work can't pay for the houses they live in already, much less improve them or buy new ones.

And all because the Senate Republicans are stamping their feet like petulant four-year-olds and demanding the UAW take a pay cut before their current contracts expire. Never mind that the UAW has already conceded a ton of things in order to make the bailout work. Never mind that it's not the UAW's fault that the auto industry is in such bad shape in the first place. Never mind that it's Republican policies that have created the economic catastrophe we're facing.

The article notes that a procedural vote lost by winning 52-35, because it takes 60 votes to pass anything in the Senate. That's only true at the moment because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn't forcing filibusterers to actually filibuster. If there were ever a time to make the Republican opposition put their necks on the line, this is it, Senator. Make Corker and Shelby and all the rest stand in the well of the Senate and talk till they pass out, and then talk some more. Make them spend Christmas in DC instead of home in their states, and run it all the way till the new Senate is sworn in, and then make them start over again.

Make them put it out there for everyone to see. If you're working class, Republicans hate you. They will screw you in favor of big business every single time, and they'll smile and tell you they're doing it for your own good.

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