Here we go again

If the early spin coming out of the press on the Rod Blagojevich story is any indication, pull your life jackets out of the closet, because we're headed back to Whitewater. Note, for instance, this story from Politico, which hits the ground running.

At first blush, Barack Obama comes out of the Rod Blagojevich scandal smelling like a rose. The prosecutor at a news conference seemed to give the president-elect a seal of approval, and the Illinois governor himself was caught on tape complaining that Obama was not interested in crooked schemes.

But make no mistake: The Blagojevich scandal is nothing but a stink bomb tossed at close range for Obama and his team.
So let's get this straight.
1. Blagojevich wanted something in exchange for Obama's Senate seat.
2. The Obama team, and apparently lots of other people, told Blagojevich to take a hike, to the point where Blagojevich was pissed off about it.
3. Blagojevich gets arrested.
That's not just first blush, and if the rumors that Rahm Emanuel tipped the Feds to the plan are accurate, then the Obama camp is a fricking hero here. Update: That story isn't confirmed, and a source close to Emanuel says it's not accurate.

But in true concern troll fashion, Politico says this in the next paragraph:

Legal bills, off-message headlines, and a sustained attempt by Republicans to show that Obama is more a product of Illinois’s malfeasance-prone political culture than he is letting on—all are likely if the Blagojevich case goes to trial or becomes an extended affair.
And Politico, along with all the rest, will be there to make sure that every talking point, no matter how inane, will be covered.

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