Controversial? Why?

I wasn't surprised to learn that a sign put up by an atheist organization next to a nativity scene in the Washington state Capitol building was stolen, and then later turned in at the office of some local dee jays. After all, there are a lot of people who don't think atheists ought to be able to express themselves in the same ways that religious people are allowed to, say, by putting a sign up next to a nativity scene, and who will seek to quash that expression.

But look at the way the story begins.

A controversial atheist sign that was placed in the state Capitol near a Nativity scene vanished Friday morning, but then turned up at a Seattle radio station a few hours later.
Why is the sign controversial? Because atheists put it up? How is it any more controversial than, say, a menorah, when has been in the same place in past years?

Short answer is, it's not more controversial, or rather, it shouldn't be. After all, it's not like the atheists are looking to get the nativity scene out of the building.
"Our members want equal time," Barker said. "Not to muscle, not to coerce, but just to have a place at the table."
And that's fair, as far as I'm concerned. Just treat us the same as everyone else.

Update: Dear Paul the Spud--you're not only wrong, but you managed to be more offensive than I ever imagined you capable of being while doing it. Please take your self-righteousness and false equivalencies, fold them up until they have four or five very pointy ends, and insert them in the most uncomfortable place you can imagine.

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