It should be no surprise that I'm in favor of the Big 3 bailout plan, and frankly, without many qualms. I'm a working class guy, even with the 2 degrees and the academic job. I've spent most of my life in that part of the economic spectrum, and most of my working life doing jobs that required more labor than introspection. So while I'm no fan of the management of the Big 3, and acknowledge that they've done a pretty crappy job when it comes to choosing what cars to make, I still support the bailout wholeheartedly, because it's my working class brethren and sistren who will take it in the teeth if the Big 3 go down. The execs are set for life--it's the autoworkers and the parts makers and the people who own and work in the diners and retail shops and grocery stores in those communities that depend on the auto industry who'll feel the pain if the Big 3 go down.

But as usual, Jon Stewart says it far better than I can.

So here's the Random Ten. Open your iTunes--everyone uses iTunes now, right?--and post the next ten songs to pop up in Party Shuffle. No cheating to make yourself look cooler than the rest of us. None of this "oh, I only listen to Icelandic underground tundra pop" crap, okay?
1. Plastic Lips--Aquabats
2. New York Telephone Conversation--Lou Reed
3. Mama--Sugarcubes
4. Super OK--Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer
5. Night Out--Lifesavas
6. Outro With Bees--Neko Case
7. Don't Leave--Faithless
8. Kissing the Lipless--The Shins
9. Buggin' Out--A Tribe Called Quest
10. Nowalaters--The Coup
So what are you listening to this fine Friday?

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