On Tuesday, Georgia Republican Paul Broun lost his mind and started comparing Barack Obama to Hitler, Stalin, and was headed for Genghis Khan when an aide wrestled him to the floor and told him to shut up. Before that it was my former student with the Hitler "Yes We Can" Facebook image, and all the crap that came out during the political circus. I mean, at least when lefties made ill-advised comparisons of Bush to Hitler, they were basing it on Bush's push for unnecessary war and desire to take away civil liberties. It was still a bad comparison, but it was based on more than his ability to give a speech, which is what most of the Obama comparisons are based on.

Notice I said most. Babalu, which is a Cuban-exile community version of Little Green Footballs, complete with all the irrational hate, has gone the biographical route instead.

I spoke on behalf of the downtrodden including persecuted minorities such as Jews, but my actual views were not widely known until after I became my nations leader. However, anyone could have easily learned what I really believed if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with. But they did not.
I missed the chapter in The Audacity of Hope where President-elect Obama talked about how the Jews are responsible for the economic meltdown. Is it in the paperback edition? Maybe the appendix?

I just don't get the need to go overboard with the rhetoric like that. Do they think anyone will really take them seriously? Do they think they're performing some sort of public service? Do they think they're channeling Martin Niemoller or something?

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