And Saturday is the day to do it. Join the Impact is organizing a national day of protest for LGBT rights. There are plans for protests in every state in the union, with multiple cities in many cases. The people in charge are also using Facebook as an organizing tool to try to get people involved, so if you have a Facebook page, check through there as well. You can find what cities are having protests and where here--just click on your respective state.

And this is the most important part. If you're going out to the protest, don't go alone. Get a friend, or even better, get someone who isn't quite a friend yet, someone you know through work or just casually. Expand the group, and explain why this is such a huge issue.

The loss on Amendment 2 here in Florida really hurt, but all it has done is reinforced my desire to push back. This is a way to do that. Show up on Saturday and make yur voice heard.

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