And I figured there might be once I saw the title: "What Happens If You're on the Gay "Enemies List". See, a title like that makes it pretty clear that the story will be one-sided, which I don't generally have a problem with when there's no real equivalence between the two sides battling it out. But in this case, there's a clear equivalence.

That article is about the protests against Amendment 8 in California and around the nation--we'll be heading to our local one in a couple of hours--and about the boycotts, soft and otherwise, that gay activists have been leading against businesses in California who gave money to or otherwise supported the Yes on 8 campaign. But you know what's missing? This., the umbrella group behind a ballot initiative that would overturn the California Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage, sent a certified letter this week asking companies to withdraw their support of Equality California, a nonprofit organization that is helping lead the campaign against Proposition 8.

"Make a donation of a like amount to which will help us correct this error," reads the letter. "Were you to elect not to donate comparably, it would be a clear indication that you are in opposition to traditional marriage. ... The names of any companies and organizations that choose not to donate in like manner to but have given to Equality California will be published."
That story hit on October 23, before the election. How is this any different from gay activists pointing out that certain businesses supported Prop 8? I mean, other than the protection-racket rhetoric in the letter?

But the Time piece, written by Alison Stateman, doesn't mention that this has been going on for a while, and what's worse, ends with this load of self-serving and dishonest crap from Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Yes on Proposition 8.
"No matter what you think of Proposition 8, we ought to respect people's right to participate in the political process. It strikes me as quite ironic that a group of people who demand tolerance and who claim to be for civil rights are so willing to be intolerant and trample on other people's civil rights."
Sorry, Frank. You don't get to play the part of the aggrieved victim when your whole purpose has been to deny a significant portion of your fellow citizens their civil rights, especially when your allies not only did the same, but used it as an opportunity to shake down businesses for donations.

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