Please leave my mind alone

Oh, how I attempt to avoid subjecting myself to advertising. I’ve cut back on television, stopped listening to the radio, jam my fingers in my eyes when I’m in the supermarket check out line. It’s never enough, we’re constantly being worked on by advertising, and, as Tivo becomes increasingly popular, advertisers are coming up with new and interesting ways to mind-screw us. Today, the Sun-Sentinel ran an editorial talking about a proposal in California that would generate dolla-dolla bills by running advertising on alert signs over the highway. The editorial is critical of it, as they should be, because it would distract drivers and undermine the entire point of having an alert system. I’m critical of it because I’m tired of having my sense violated by advertisements for buy one get ones at Walmart. Where’s Bill Hicks when you need him . . . oh, that’s right, damn.

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