Party Purity

It's still fun to watch right-wing bloggers puff their chests out and talk tough about cleansing the GOP of any semblance of moderation. The article that has them up in arms today is this one from Politico, wherein an unnamed Republican Senator says that the Republican party hasn't learned from the last couple of beatings it's taken at the polls. He calls for a bit more moderation, and then the howls arise.

This diarist at Redstate tells the unnamed Senator that he's welcome to leave the party (which would, if he took the diarist up on it, move the Democrats that much closer to 60). Macsmind seconds the motion. But my favorite so far comes from Rob at Say Anything. Look at this brilliance.

First, isn’t John McCain - the guy who just got shellacked in the election - a moderate? And a pro-amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants moderate to boot? And, despite protestations from the left, hasn’t Bush governed as a moderate as well?
I believe the answers to those questions are, respectively, no, not in quite a while, and start taking your meds again. Seriously--Bush has governed as a moderate? In what universe?

I may have to keep a tab open at Memeorandum all day just to see the meltdown.

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