Often times I’m accused of actively seeking instances of sexism, racism, and other injustices. That I’m looking for something that’s just not there. I tend to disagree. I think these things hit us straight over the head and you’d have to be a moron not to see it. Take the article on CNN today about Angola sending troops to help with the crisis in the Congo. One of these things is not like the other:

‘They were shooting in the air; they were shooting in houses,’ Dietrich said. He said U.N. officials received radio reports from local authorities saying the soldiers were also raping women in the village.
He said several hundred soldiers continued looting in villages further north.

Notice how women being raped is casually slid in between the reports of shooting and looting, as if to say “btw, a few women got raped, but wait until you hear the worst part . . . “ The implied equality between things like looting and rape is infuriating. Of course, this is nothing new, but I find this sort of disregard for women continuously appalling. Though, I wonder how much of this dismissive attitude toward the horrors of rape is a result of objectification of women, or the dehumanization of Africans. If white women were being raped would it merit more than a quick mention in a list next to looting? Probably, though not by much (or maybe I'm skeptical because I live in a state which laws state a wife cannot actually be raped by her husband, rape doesn’t exist in marriage). Many people of the West tend to have an “us/them” attitude, ignoring gross injustice in the parts of the world that Conrad deemed the heart of darkness. Guns, houses, women, it’s all the same right? They look and live differently so it’s okay right?

Well, it’s not and CNN and every other media outlet that continues writing this sort of sexism and racism in between the lines should be ashamed. Their implicit acceptance of this kind of violence against women is poisonous. You know why progressives are always accused of “looking for” these injustices? Because it’s so deeply ingrained in our culture that half of the people don’t even realize it’s there. Half of the people muddle around with a fog of apathy, ignorance, and blind acceptance swirling through their heads and never realize that they're silently being fed the notion that women, no matter what race, are fuckdolls that merit the same attention as property and animals. I feel sick.

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