Missed Opportunities

Brother Micah and his traveling roadshow is back on the campus of our fair university, decrying the tragedies of homosexuality, heterosexuality, movies, music, and so on. As I passed on my way back to my office, I thought I heard a claim that President-elect Barack Obama (yes, I'm writing out the whole thing for the moment) was an idol to those gathered about, though if there was an accusation of his being the Anti-Christ, I missed it.

Amy had mentioned that something was happening yesterday, so I made sure to grab my camera on the way out the door, hoping to snap some pictures or take some video. What didn't I grab?

The battery.

Oh well. No one really wanted to see a rabid street preacher, right?

Update: According to a student, Brother Micah did indeed call President-elect Obama the Antichrist, and also said that anyone who voted for him was going to hell for committing idolatry and for supporting an abortionist. I guess Obama does that on the side for extra cash.

My response was "really? All the other stuff I've done in my life and it's the Obama vote that sends me to hell? I guess fornication doesn't have the cachet it once did."

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