I'm in the paper!

Okay, not me personally. But I am one of these people.

"We've seen a slight drop off, but it's still considerably above last year," said Tri-Rail spokeswoman Bonnie Arnold. "People are saying they'll stick with the train because it is less stressful than getting into their cars and driving."
Yeah. I've long been a believer that if you could just get people into the train for a while, show them that it doesn't suck, that some would be sold on it and wouldn't go back immediately. I do think that if gas prices stay relatively low (who would ever think that $2.20 a gallon would seem low?) that more people will abandon the train for driving, but not me. I was sold on the train when I lived in San Francisco, and now, after getting off the train in Boca having watched the Rachel Maddow Show podcast, I'm in a fine mood, as compared to when I used to get out of my car, ready to eat a live baby because I just spent half an hour watching people zoom by in the HOV lane while inching along from Hillsboro to Glades listening to NPR and hating life.

Give it a try if you haven't yet.

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