Hey Joe,

Enjoy the attention you get for the next two days, because it's likely the last you'll get for a while. Neil Cavuto isn't going to have you back on his show after the election, no matter who wins. Neither will Bill O'Reilly, or Sean Hannity or any of the other right-wingers with a tv show, because you'll have served your purpose by then. You'll have been the useful idiot for the right, who questions Barack Obama's loyalty to the country he's likely to be the President of next January 20, who repeats talking points like a trained parrot, and who ultimately proves that the last thing this nation needs as a leader is a regular guy, because regular guys--and I include myself in this category--don't know enough about how the world works to find our asses with both hands and a road map.

But enjoy the next couple of days, Joe. Read your press clippings and treasure them, because when this thing is over, you'll no longer be Joe the Plumber, media sweetheart. You'll be Joe Wurzelbacher, local dumbass who'll be sitting at his local watering hole regaling the regulars with the stories of how you campaigned for John McCain once upon a time until they get sick of it and break a pool cue over your head and dump you in the alley.

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