Her name was Molly Ivins

And not only was she a hero to a number of political writers, she worked for your paper at one time. So why can't you give her the credit she deserves in this otherwise decent article about Phil Gramm?

On Capitol Hill, Mr. Gramm became the most effective proponent of deregulation in a generation, by dint of his expertise (a Ph.D in economics), free-market ideology, perch on the Senate banking committee and force of personality (a writer in Texas once called him “a snapping turtle”).
The full quote, from the Texas Observer, is “Gramm both looks like a snapping turtle and has the personality of one. When he ran for president in 1996 and finished fifth in Iowa, all the profiles written of him included the line ‘Even his friends don’t like him.’” Would it have been so difficult for the Times to replace "a writer in Texas" with "Molly Ivins"? Give her her due.

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