Friday Random Ten

Here's this week's Random Ten, and since it's a standalone edition, I'm going to drop a video or two in beneath the list. Here's how it works--put your iPod or computer's music program on party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. No skipping songs that show bad taste. Revel in your dirty little secrets--lots of people downloaded "Don't Stop Believing," and we know you're probably one of them. Here we go.

. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner--Warren Zevon
2. The World is Yours--Nas
3. Cruel Summer--Bananarama
4. After Party--Ozomatli
5. When the Lights Go Out--The Black Keys
6. Mocking Bird--Big Smith
7. What They Want--Young Jeezy
8. The Shining Path--Thievery Corporation
9. John Cockers--John Mellencamp
10. We Live Again--Beck

Warren Zevon on David Letterman

Ozomatli--After Party

What are you listening to this fine Friday?

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